Pharma Distributor with Multi C&F Depots

Quality LifeSciences, an award winning pharma C&F agent, is aiming for a couple of Mother CFAs (depot) in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, each. Previously a C&F depot/agent in a state catered to the state movement of goods. Now with GST implementation, we can expect a better and faster movement of medicines and goods. We are looking at a one-point smart solution to easily carry out inter-state C&F as well as mother depot functions, which would consequently result in huge savings on IGST, serving further as an investment.

IGST, under the current GST regime, is to be charged upon the movement of goods and services from one state to another. Therefore, when it comes to C&F agents of pharmaceutical goods as in our case, having Pharma Mother CFAs (depot) covering many states and handling C&F’s would make it altogether convenient and tax-saving. As a mother depot can function both within a state and outside, keeping your inventory there instead of multiple small C&F depots would cut short the inventory of goods and save GST amount.

Having years and years of experience being one of the top as well as trustworthy Pharma Distributor with various C&F Depots in India, we specialize in giving no less than an impeccable service. And we look forward to expanding our setup of C&F opportunities in Gujarat and Rajasthan and to other parts of India as well!

Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you !

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